Josh and Angella are literary fanatics who recently started dipping their toes into the world of Indie book publishing.  They have almost polar opposite taste in books, but together they make up a rather eclectic collection of book genre that lines their bookshelves at home.

By day, Joshua works as a Quality Control Engineer for 3M, and by night he's uber-dad, washer of dishes, petter of cats, and one-last-glass-of-water getter for his three beautiful children.  Josh enjoys Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy and well written contemporary literature, but will read almost anything he can get his hands on.  He's almost never far from his kindle, and in the wee hours of the night, while making sure the Gremlins (read: children) have not eaten after midnight, he's usually found reading away and whatever book his wife has forced upon him.

Angella is the Author of the family, and has been the driving force behind this hectic yet rewarding journey of indie book reviews.  She's a self-published author on Amazon and Createspace, and is delving deep into her own Urban Fantasy world of Gods, Religion, and history for her Urban Fantasy series, The Judas Curse.  When she's not typing away at the computer, she's reading the eclectic list of books filling up her queue from the blog so far, and on her own, Angella prefers non-fiction theology, history and memoirs with a bitter but funny edge to them.  Angella is a graduate of the University of Arizona in Medieval Theology with an English minor, and has always wanted to be a writer.  When she's not chin-deep in the world of fiction, she's at scout-meetings, elementary school field trips, or plodding away (poorly) at helping her son with his fifth grade math.

Angella is also an avid supporter of the LBGT community, suicide prevention and anti-bullying.  She is also currently working on a novel project where 100% of the proceeds will go to an LBGT suicide prevention organization.  As the project comes closer to completion there will be more info, but anyone interested in donating or helping out is encouraged to email.


Together, Angella and Josh want to shed light on the world of Indie Fiction.  The seasons are changing, and new, blossoming authors are finding help and independence in their writing with self-publishing. 

Being self-published, Angella has realized what a difficult world it can be to get your books read, reviewed and to keep sales up, so anything she can do to help, she will.  A blog of interviews and reviews seemed just the way to do it.

The couple wishes everyone the best of luck with their writing endevours and encourages you to check out their Welcome Post for info on how to submit, and their Interview/Spotlight tab on how to be interviewed for this blossoming blog.

As always, the couple wishes everyone to have a beautiful day!

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