Monday, October 22, 2012

Review- Michael Did What? By Michael Cavallo

Review by Joshua Graff

Michael Did What, by Michael Cavallo 

Michael Did What?  By Michael Cavallo is an amusing collection of anecdotes, words of wisdom, and praise for the eponymous Michael.  The layout is fairly simple; each page manages to convey a simple statement in a humorous fashion and the author’s cleverness is very astute.  “Since bacteria wouldn’t dream of hurting him, Michael has no use for antibiotics,” or, “Pondering the mysteries of life, Michael wonders why it’s called the bunny slope when bunnies don’t ski.

The statements are generally succinct and manage to convey a humorous and clever tone throughout.  As a read, it progresses very quickly, and each page manages to maintain high standards.  Not once did I read a page and feel lost or confused; each statement feels relevant and the humor is consistent.  This would make the perfect gift to anyone who enjoys the Most Interesting Man, or Chuck Norris memes/jokes.  It does manage to be the perfect length and stops before the reader becomes tired of the consistent theme.   

My one complaint is that due to its nature it can feel derivative with many jokes seeming similar to online parodies, and if I could suggest one thing, some humorous art-work occasionally punctuating the chapters to drive some of the humor home would really benefit the book.  Still, the overall consistency, refreshing voice, and humorous prose make me look forward to the writer’s future works.

I give the book 5 stars.  If you enjoy internet memes and limerick-style humor, I'd highly recommend this book to you.

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