Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This blog was labeled as spam and deleted yesterday morning.  Google did send an email of apology and reinstated it, but due to people in the writing community who have stated that this has happened to them multiple times, we've moved the blog, for the time being, over to wordpress.

I love blogger, I still use it for my person blog, writing blog and family blog, but as we plan on writing A LOT on here, and sharing A LOT on here, I don't want to risk it getting flagged as spam again and losing all of our links and hard work.

The link to our wordpress blog is here, and I've moved everything over, so there shouldn't be any delay in people getting exposure to their work, plus the old links for the previous reviews we did are working again, so that will be helpful.  Head on over to wordpress a little later this morning and check out our latest review!

Love to all!


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